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Fun Sounds App - Android

What is FunSoundz?

Funsoundz is an Android app, which you can use to play multiple short sounds / noises / tones. Try it out - it is fun!

You can define your own favorite sounds for a quicker access. Furthermore, you can share the sounds with your friends using an installed messenger (for example via WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal).

We have sounds in the following categories:

  • Phrases
  • Laughs
  • Gaming
  • Animals
  • Movies
  • Melodies
  • Themes
  • Other
  • and many more

Additional Features

  • choose your own favorite sounds
  • record your own fun sounds
  • share the sounds (messenger, email,…)
  • import existing sounds from your device (mp3 files) and use them as fun sound


FunSoundz was our way to get acquainted with Kotlin and Android Jetpack. We had a lot of fun learning the new technologies and created a cute and stable Android app on the way.

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